Headway stage Creative Minds Exhibition for Limerick Culture Night

Headway Mosaic photographed at exhibition by Ciara McKenna

Headway acquired brain injury service: clients exhibition takes place on Culture Night 

By Ciara McKenna

Headway opened its doors to the public last Friday to celebrate Limerick Culture Night. The charity group held an exhibition in their Upper William street location, which displayed the work of their acquired brain injury clients including horticulture, mosaics, and creative art. This gave guests the opportunity to see the work that is done daily through exploring the site and speaking to staff and clients about the pieces and other amazing work that is being done there. 

Headway was founded in 1985, initially as a support group by brain injury professionals and families in Ireland. Their objective is to create a support system for people with brain injuries, their carers, and families and to make sure their needs are being met. Their rehabilitation centres can be found in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. All services are free of charge.  

Client horticulture at the Creative Minds exhibition. Photographed by Ciara McKenna

Since its inception, they have grown as an organisation and now provide a range of community-based rehabilitation support services and information for people affected by acquired brain injury, ranging from all levels of severity from ages 18- 65. 

It is now a registered charity that has attained the ranking of an internationally accredited brain injury services organisation that supports adults who are affected by brain injury and their loved ones. 

Client art work at the Creative Minds exhibition. Photograohed by Ciara McKenna

Speaking at the event administration officer Yvonne Leonard said, “Sometimes people will find that therapeutic sense through a piece of art or doing a performance in the play or music, they find that mindful moment through those pieces, so it’s great to display it and show the hard work that goes into it”. 

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