Homeless families asked to vacate Castletroy hotel over Christmas period

Those in emergency accommodation were told to made arrangements with family or friends for Christmas.

Limerick Homeless Action Team asked families to ‘make arrangements with family or friends’

By Riona Maguire 

The original letter sent to homeless families availing of emergency accommodation at Travelodge Castletroy. 

Homeless families availing of emergency accommodation at Travelodge Castletroy have been asked to vacate the premises for four days over Christmas. 

Earlier this week, those living in emergency hotel accommodation hotel received a letter from the Limerick Homeless Action Team, which informed them they should ‘make arrangements with family or friends for the period’. 

Speaking to Limerick Voice, a spokesperson for Limerick City and County Council has clarified that families have been offered alternative accommodation during the closure from December 22 to December 26, despite the original letter making no mention of such. 

The original letter from Limerick Council Housing Support to Travelodge residents stated; “Dear Client, I am writing to you to notify you that Travelodge Castletroy will temporarily close for Christmas from the 22/12/2022 and re-open on the 26/12/2022. It is important that you make arrangements with friends or family for the period. Should you have any questions, please contact Limerick Homeless Action Team.” 

The Limerick Council spokesperson confirmed that families living in the hotel can choose between alternative accommodation or staying with loved ones:

“Limerick City and County Council place families who require emergency accommodation in the Travelodge. The hotel, as in previous years, is closed for four days over the Christmas period. Families have been offered alternative accommodation or if they chose, they can stay with loved ones for four nights over Christmas.” 

Limerick Voice has reached out to Travelodge Castletroy for comment.

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