Irish Water to Pump Water From Parteen to Dublin to Ease Water Shortage

Irish Water has identified the Parteen Basin as the most viable option for a new drinking water supply to Dublin and the midlands.

After eight years of trying to identify a new drinking source, Parteen was chosen as it has the least environmental impact out of the four option under review.

Irish Water will remove 2 percent of the water in the Parteen basin that would have gone to Ardnacrusha power station and store it in a reservoir in Tipperary.

Speaking on Morning Ireland, head of asset management, Jerry Grant said: “We are not allowed to abstract water at the expense of the Shannon.”

Parteen was chosen over taking water directly from Lough Derg, taking water from a proposed storage facility at Lough Derg , or the desalination of sea water.

The proposed plan would avail of the existing hydro power infra structure at Ardnacrusha to ensure abstraction can be done within existing normal operating water levels and with no impact on statutory flow requirements in lower Shannon.

Three hundred litres of water would be pumped from the Parteen Basin everyday to deal with shortages and leakage in Dublin and the midlands.

The project is now undergoing an environmental assessment and a 10 week period of public consultation.

The proposal has been meet with strong opposition in parts of Limerick and Tipperary.

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