Learn about Limerick’s forgotten history from the comfort of your own gaff

The Gaff, a theatre performance hub based on working with people in Limerick City communities, is putting on a series of online shows this Saturday, 20th November, as part of the inaugural Tiny Little Histories event.

Alongside Creative Communities Midwest (CCM), a programme set up to connect performers and artists online during the pandemic, five artists and performers will showcase their work over The Gaff and CCM social media channels.

Each event will revolve around a little known story or piece of history from the Limerick midwest area.

Project Manager of the event, Maeve McGrath, spoke to the Limerick Voice about her excitement for the event.

She said, “It’s been really great to talk with the artists and the young people and the community groups that have been making this work.

“It just gives them a little outlet for stories and we feel that there are so many stories out there that aren’t being told.

“This is a great opportunity for us to not only tell the stories but preserve the stories as well.”

Based on the significant success of the Place Based Curriculum in Leeds, which was led by Kate Fellows, Ms. McGrath felt that it would work well in Limerick.

“I spoke with Kate and she did a webinar with us and out of that Tiny Little Histories was born.

“Essentially it was what fifty stories in Leeds did people want people to know about?

“We felt that this would be a really great adaptation for Limerick.

“We all know about King John’s Castle. We all know about the Treaty Stone and things like that. What are the stories in the (Limerick) communities that people didn’t know about?”

A call for artists

CCM sent out a call for artists, community groups and local organisations to send them their ideas and stories so that they could capture them.

The projects will then be preserved on a space on The Gaff website so that anybody who is interested and wants to learn about the local histories can, according to Ms. O’Mahony.

She also feels that the work that they do is vey important to the communities they serve.

“At the Gaff and certainly CCM we work hard to go out into communities.

“Our expectations are not always to bring communities into us whether they be young people or retired active communities.

“Our aim is to go out into those communities and bring the art to them.”

The project manager also organises events for different projects and organisations, keeping a keen eye on accessibility, something this weekend is also promoting.

“It’s not just about during the pandemic. It’s about all the time. Can somebody understand what is being said, do we need closed captioning or text access?

“Have we got accessible ramps into a building? Is there a budget for somebody to come in and sign a performance?

“These are things I think we are all thinking about. I think the pandemic has thrown them up and shone a light really on that.”

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