Limerick Animal Welfare confirms big increase of missing pets at Halloween

Limerick Animal Welfare reports there is a big increase in reports of lost and missing pets during the Halloween period.

This period begins at the start of October, and increases as Halloween approaches. However, the likes of bangers continue to be a hazard into early November.

Limerick Animal Welfare spokesperson, Marion Fitzgibbon, says that smaller animals like kitten and puppies are especially at risk during this period.

“All cats and dogs should be kept inside during Halloween.  If this is not possible they should be kept safe and secure in a well locked shed or garage,” Marion says.

“It is a good idea to play a radio or have TV on to help with the noise and this keeps the animals calm” she continued.

She suggested that horses should be kept in well fenced areas and checked on often.

“All animals, dogs, cats and equines should be microchipped and all dogs should wear collar with identity tag” she said.

Should a pet go missing, a microchip this helps identify pets. Limerick Animal Welfare believe that microchipping laws should be enforced as this helps identify dogs and horses.

However, there is no such law for cats, with Marion saying they are treated like “vermin”.

“Therefore cats are at the highest risk during Halloween.”

As for what can be done, Limerick Animal Welfare believe education is the key for improving the situation for animals over Halloween.

“We must continue to raise awareness  on animal welfare issues and lobby the Department of Agriculture to enforce the EU directive that requires all equines to be microchipped.”

You can find out more information on Limerick Animal Welfare’s Facebook page.

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