Limerick band release debut single ‘Callan’ alongside music video and tour announcement

The Personal Vanity Project are a well known fixture in Limerick, however, they have just today released their debut single.

Limerick indie band, The Personal Vanity Project, have released their debut single ‘Callan’, with an accompanying music video to boot.

The PVP is fronted by Chris Quigley on guitar and vocals, accompanied by drummer/vocalist Brendan McInerney and James Reidy on keyboards/space FX.

According to Chris, ‘Callan’ is about “the misgivings older generations have about the younger, with the first verse being from the younger perspective and the second from the older. The perspectives feel a bit interchangeable- which is kind of the point. There’s a tendency to worry about little things, individual moments, when there’s probably bigger things to deal with.

“The chorus is total nonsense, but kind of a first person. It’s muddled,  and agreed to do something it had no intention of ever doing. Classic teenager.”

The song’s title comes from a lake by the village where Chris grew up – a common drinking spot for young people, especially in the abandoned house. “Legend has it the butler of the abandoned house went on a bender, neglecting to feed the dogs kept on the land. When he returned, he was devoured by the dogs,” Chris added.

The accompanying music video was shot and directed by Graham Patterson.

In addition to the track and music video, The PVP have also announced a short tour of Ireland, alongside their oil projectionist, Catriona Osborne.

The tour dates are as follows:

May 23 – Crane Lane, Cork
May 24 – Pharmacia, Limerick
May 30 – Anseo, Dublin
June 1 – Kfest, Killorglin
June 7 – Toales, Dundalk

The band have teased more news from them is to come soon!

For now, stream the ‘Callan’ music video here, and purchase the track, here.

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