Limerick councillor reminds public help is available as Mental Health Week kicks off

“Sometimes you just need a listening ear and it’s there for people who need it.”

Those were the encouraging words of Cathaoirleach of the Metropolitan District of Limerick, James Collins who spoke at the launch of Limerick Mental Health Week at the Hunt Museum last evening.

Mental Health Week aims to promote positive mental health and remind the people of Limerick that it’s okay not to be okay.

“The purpose of this week is to shine a spotlight on the range of services that are on offer here. Sometimes you just need a listening ear and it’s there for people who need it, and I think that’s the purpose of this week – to inform people,” Councillor Collins explained.

Praising Limerick’s inclusivity, Councillor Collins said “what I’m really impressed about in Limerick, in particular with our mental health services, is that it’s a really collaborative network. It organises events and workshops that are hosted and funded by the Limerick Mental Health Association.

“Having a designated week around mental health issues illustrates the strides that we have made, in acknowledging and addressing the importance of good mental health,” he added.

“This collaborative approach I think will lead to an increased awareness of what it means to be healthy, and this can feed into the services for good mental health.”

The Councillor alluded to the group Stand up for Mental Health’s call on the local authority for further help to address Limerick’s mental health crisis, “what we agreed as a council is that we will do all we can to support them”.

Emotionally, he repeated, “we fully support you”.

Limerick’s Mental Health Week will run until Sunday, October 13 and will see a number of events surrounding the importance of positive mental health which can be found here.

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