Limerick households will generate nearly 12,000 tonnes of plastic waste this year

Limerick households will generate over 11,800 tonnes of single-use plastic waste in 2019 according to Irish social enterprise, Diluteze. 

It says disposable coffee cups, plastic water bottles, and takeaway food containers are amongst the biggest offenders in Limerick when it comes to single-use plastic waste.

The company is warning the public that every tonne of single-use plastic waste generated produces an average of six tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions – meaning Limerick will produce around 70,000 tonnes of CO2 in 2019 alone.

In an effort to educate the public, Diluteze is due to launch ‘The CUSP Initiative’ – Cease Using Single-use Plastic.

The initiative will provide free online tools for individuals to measure their own environmental impact in terms of the volume of single-use plastic waste they generate.. 

Founder of Diluteze, Simon Ruddy says the initiative aims to simplify the challenge of reducing single-use plastic waste.

“We want to harness the power of community spirit in the battle against single-use plastic packaging,” he added.

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