First roll of the dice for new Limerick Monopoly board

Katie Whelan from Lisa's Light pictured with the Limerick Monopoly Board. Photo: Michhaela Keating

The Limerick Edition Monopoly board was launched on Friday at the Hunt Museum.

The board features prominent landmarks, businesses and charities in Limerick including; King John’s Castle, Munster Rugby, The Stormy Teacup, Novas and many more.

In attendance at the launch was Mayor Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon, Jake Houghton of Winning Moves Games and Patrick O’Neill, who put forward Limerick as a contender for the Monopoly board.

Speaking at the event, Mr O’Neill said it was a “privilege” to have played a role in the Limerick Monopoly board and highlighted the importance of board games in today’s society:

“It’s good to see what I call the ‘atom games’ coming back, growing up in a generation where we have people looking at screens and being in isolation from conversation. This game is about sitting around a board and exchanging conversation.”

Mr O’Neill, who works with the Department of Foreign Affairs on emigration, commented that the board would provide a sense of home for Irish abroad.

“I can imagine Limerick people living abroad in Sydney or the States opening this on Christmas morning with children or grandchildren and I think that’s just a special thing.”

Jake Houghton from Winning Moves Games spoke of how creating the board was about “creating something for Limerick.”

Mr Houghton said:

“To do this we had to create a sensory experience of Limerick; the sights the sounds, the taste, the smell.  We wanted to create this for people in Limerick to sit down at Christmas time with all generations of the family, and people can say; this is where I went to school, this is where I bought my wedding dress, this is where I eat, this is where we go out to dinner, this is where I had my birthday.”

Making the board, Mr Houghton said was to “celebrate the history, the heritage but most importantly the people “of Limerick.

Three Limerick charities were chosen to feature on the board including Lisa’s Light, Novas and St Gabriel’s School and Centre.

Katie Whelan from Lisa’s Light extended her thanks that the charity was chosen to feature on the board and said that Lisa’s Light is:

“A charity to let people know it’s ok not be ok and that there’s always someone to turn to if you’re not feeling yourself or feeling down, because I know in Limerick City there’s always someone to talk to. Everyone is so friendly.”

The Limerick Monopoly board is available to purchase in the Hunt Museum, O’Mahony’s Booksellers and Tesco.


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