Limerick teen publishes book to raise money for African children

A Limerick teenager has published his very own book in a bid to provide education for African children.

‘Educating Through Portraits’ by Finn Coleman illustrates 23 successful professionals in a variety of careers showcasing the importance of education and training.

Finn who is from Caherline, set up a Go Fund Me page last year to fund his photography project and is now donating proceeds to Trocaire to help give children in Africa similar opportunities to the people he has photographed.

Inspiration for the project came to the 18 year old when he spotted a butcher in Kinsale.

“I thought about how cool it would be to compile a series of people in different uniforms,” Finn Coleman tells the Limerick Voice. “During Transition Year, I read statistics about African children and education and I was amazed to see how fortunate we are here in Ireland. I thought of linking it with Trocaire to give children a chance at achieving a career like the ones I photographed.”

Educating Through Portraits by Finn Coleman.

As part of the project, Finn explains he encountered many kind-hearted people who gave him the motivation to reach his goal.

“What I liked most was seeing how willing and grateful everyone was to help and how much they valued education. I also loved the excitement around who I was going to meet next. Saying this it wasn’t all perfect. I was faced with a number of challenges but I was able to push through thanks to all the help I received.”

The Limerick teenager says he’s not going to stop trying to make a difference.

“I’m still not finished with this project as I am in the process of selling the books for Trocaire.

“Seeing how positive this project went and how it was supported I would not be afraid to try any other ideas,” he adds.

Finn’s book, ‘Educating Through Portraits’ is now available at the Hunt Museum and The Celtic Bookshop.

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