Limerick to take part in Global Climate Strike

LIMERICK is to take part in a Global Climate Strike this Friday, November 29.

The Limerick branch of Fridays For Future is leading the strike which is calling for more governmental action on combating climate change in Ireland. 

Fridays For Future is an international youth lead movement of school students and others who protest inaction on global warming and climate.

A previous Global Climate Strike, held on September 20, saw over 1,000 Limerick citizens in attendance expressing their concern about the global climate emergency.

Similar demonstrations took place all over the world drawing crowds of almost 7.5 million people.

With almost daily headlines highlighting the harmful effects of climate change, such as the California wildfires that destroyed 129 million trees in October, or the flooding in Somalia that displaced an estimated 182,000 people, Fridays for Future Limerick believe that more needs to be done to capture the government’s attention.

Despite 95 per cent of scientists around the world agreeing that human activities are driving climate change, the world’s governments have been slow to act.

Fridays for Future Limerick is calling on people of all ages to join in its demonstration which will take place at 1pm at Arthur’s Quay this Friday, November 29.

For more information, Fridays for Future Limerick can be contacted at

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