Limerick voters urged to check registration details ahead of deadline

Limerick City and County Council are urging voters whose registration details have changed to notify the Council by the 25th of November.

This deadline is also applicable to first time voters who need to register so that they may be included in the Register of Electors 2021/2022.

Affected voters may complete the RFA1 form which is available to download on

The right to vote in different elections is determined by citizenship, according to

Voters are divided into four categories – Irish citizens, British citizens, EU citizens and non-EU citizens.

Irish voters may cast their vote at all elections and referenda.

British citizens are permitted to vote in Dáil and Local Elections.

EU citizens may cast their ballot in European and Local Elections.

Non-EU citizens may exercise their right to vote in Local Elections only.

For any of the above-mentioned voters who are unsure as to whether they are included in the Register of Electors, the Draft Register of Electors for 2021/2022 is available for viewing at

Speaking on the importance of being included on the Register of Electors, Councillor Jerry O’ Dea of Fianna Fáil said: “It is a fundamental part of the electoral system and part of our democracy.

“County Councillors are elected very five years and that’s why, to have your say, the electoral register is so important.”

Limerick City and County Council Building-2 (1) - Limerick Voice
The next County Council elections are due in 2024

An independent Electoral Commission, with powers to oversee elections, is set to be established by the end of 2021.

Councillor O’ Dea welcomed this upcoming development.

Councillor O’ Dea said: “It is no harm to have oversight and the Electoral Commission will provide that.

“It will certainly be able to address any concerns that people have.”

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