Limerick Waste Awareness Week encourages people to make greener choices

This week marks Limerick Waste Awareness Week, an initiative encouraging citizens to be more conscious of the amount of waste they produce and cut it down by reducing, reusing and recycling. 

European Week for Waste Reduction is also taking place this week to encourage European citizens to raise awareness for sustainable resources and waste management, according to the EWWR website. 

Limerick will also continue to celebrate its European Green Leaf Award for 2020, awarded to towns and cities across Europe for their environmental achievements and commitment.

Sinead McDonnell, Limerick City and County Council Environmental Awareness Officer said: “Limerick Waste Awareness Week will help people become more aware of the civic amenities and services available and how best to avail of them. We are encouraging people to be more conscious of their responsibilities in the fight against waste. We can each play our part by reusing, reducing and recycling our waste.”

The five day online campaign, organised by Limerick City and County Council with the Southern Region Waste Management Office, is designed to inform citizens on what they can do to correctly dispose of their waste and provide up-to-date information on reusing, reducing and recycling. 

The majority of people in Limerick are already involved in some form of waste segregation and recycling.

In 2019, almost 80 per cent of households in Limerick availed of a waste collection service with 88 per cent of these households availing of a three-bin service.

This figure shows an increase of 12 percent since 2016.

“We have seen in the past the positive outcomes that can be achieved through such initiatives. There are so many alternatives to just throwing away your unwanted items. You can upcycle, repurpose, recycle and even just mend your items so they are good as new. Of course you can always donate items to charity as well, which will keep them in use and help reduce the amount of waste we all produce,” Sinead McDonnell said. 

You can follow the campaign on Twitter on @LimerickCouncil and @LimerickEnviron.

For more information on Repair and Reuse Guides and advice about waste reduction and recycling check out here.

Short information videos will be promoted throughout the week focusing on different topics including: Household Hazardous Waste, reuse of textiles, food waste and recycling.

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