Limerick’s opinion: Rising bus fares in the city

Limerick Voice reporter Morgan Kistler spoke to the people of Limerick about how they feel about the increase in Bus Eireann fares in the city.

As of November 30, a single bus fare in Limerick city increased by 10c to €2.40, and it’s now almost €5 for a day-saver ticket.

Frida Boberg an Erasmus student from Sweden says: “I feel that they are too expensive. They were even too expensive before the last increase. I know that you can get a Leap Card which gives you quite the discount, but they should have student on the single way tickets also, because it’s too expensive for such a short distance.”

Miss Boberg also commented on the punctuality of the buses, “I also feel that I would not have such a hard time paying the increase if the buses were actually on time. There has been many circumstances when I have checked online to see when I should be at the bus stop for the next bus, I arrive, and it is between 20-45 minutes late. Sometimes it doesn’t even show up for an hour after the scheduled time.”

Evan Sheehan, who is from Limerick also commented on the raise in fares: “I feel that the raise isn’t that bad. I use the bus often enough where a four Euro day pass or a leap card makes sense to me. The prices are manageable. However, I do feel that they need to advertise the Leap Cards and day passes better so everyone can take advantage of these money-saving deals.”

The National Transport Authority (NTA) recently stated: “As the use of Leap grows in the cities, and passengers realise the value available with both Leap singles and Leap 1-day and 7-day products, the demand for these products grows.

This month, Bus Éireann will introduce a new €4.00 student Leap 24-hour/1-day ticket  in Limerick, Galway and Waterford, benefitting up to 20,000 students.

Bus Éireann Media & PR Manager Nicola Cooke said the new 24-hour Student Leap fare would be of great benefit to students living in one part of the city and travelling to college in another:
“This essentially means you can take several journeys over 24 hours at a very reasonable rate. The Student Leap Card is also a very convenient way of doing this as it can be preloaded with credit and topped up at Payzone outlets, online or via the Leap app on android phones.

“It should also incentive students to take the bus to part-time jobs in the city, or for social outings during the weekend,” Miss Cooke added.

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