Council Launches Littering Awareness Campaign

Photo: Limerick City and County Council.

A campaign against littering was launched today by the Environment Section of the Limerick City & County Council.

The “How long does litter last?” campaign hopes to raise awareness about the amount of time that it takes for litter to degrade.

The campaign also aims to inform people of their legal responsibility to dispose of litter properly under the Litter Pollution Act.

A poster has been designed that shows the amount of time it takes for many common forms of litter to degrade.

It specifies that many common forms of litter such as aluminium cans, disposable nappies and plastic bottles take hundreds of years or more to degrade, and that some, like chewing gum or styrofoam, may never do so.

A leaflet is also available that gives information on how to manage and separate household waste,  provides a guide to home composting, as well as outlining the penalties that people can be charged with for burning waste.

Limerick City and County Council Environment Awareness Officer Sinead McDonnell said: “All of this information aims to encourage good behavior in relation to managing litter and waste and compliance with existing litter and waste legislation.” 

The Council hopes that local retailers, businesses, schools, Tidy Towns groups and other community groups will display the poster and leaflets.

The Council also hopes that the campaign will aid Limerick’s standing in the next national Tidy Towns environmental competition and the annual Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) survey, and that it will encourage volunteer cleanups.

Anyone may request a campaign poster by email or post by calling the Council’s Customer Services Team on 061-496200 or by emailing

You can learn more about the campaign and download educational leaflets at

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