Limerick toddler turns on Christmas lights at Light Up Limerick event

Limerick city’s Christmas lights were turned on by three-year-old Neil Shanahan on O’Connell Street on Sunday.


The toddler, who survived a fall from the sixth storey of the Strand Hotel this summer, was all smiles on the shoulders of his parents at the Light Up Limerick event attended by Mayor of Limerick Kieran O’Hanlon.

Fake snow was blasted into the air by snow cannons as the crowd reached up to grab a hold, while fireworks shot into the sky when the lever was pushed by Neil, Mayor O’Hanlon and Santa Claus himself.

Thousands of people waited in the cold to see Limerick’s €100,000 worth of new LED lights display come to life.

Prior to the main event, the crowd were treated to music by Unity Gospel Choir, Jason Hennessy and Sinead O’Brien.

This was the first of Light Up Limerick’s five week celebration which will include a Christmas Craft Fair, An Enchanted Christmas Carriage, Ten days of Christmas themed markets and Shannon Airport Christmas Racing Festival in the coming weeks.

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