Mission for a community-run urban horse project in Limerick continues

Horse Education Limerick Project Southside (HELPS) is three years into its campaign to introduce a community-run urban horse project and stables to Limerick.

However, HELPS chairperson, Ms Anna Gallagher said: “There still seems to be no real push for community stables within the Limerick Council.”

HELPS have been meeting with Limerick City Council in an attempt to open an urban community stables in Limerick but to no avail.

Last year a community stables was opened in Clondalkin, with the aim to support young people in particular, to own and care for their horses in a responsible way.

Ms Gallagher expressed the need for a project similar to the project that was opened in Clondalkin to be opened in Limerick.

“There is a big need for an urban horse project, we have a horse crisis in the city,” Ms Gallagher said.

Since January 164 horses have been impounded in Limerick with a cost of more than €140,000.

Ms Gallagher said: “An urban horse project is not the solution to the horse crisis that is going on in the city, it’s part and parcel of a strategy that the council need to start looking at.”

Ms Gallagher explained how a community-run urban horse project will facilitate young people to engage with their horses on a site, whilst also keeping them safe from impounding.

Photo: Aaron Pang, Limerick Voice

“The benefits of a project are far outreaching the blanket ban” added Ms Gallagher.

Ms Gallagher said that introducing an urban horse project to Limerick is a “no brainer” as it is an effective way of educating both younger and older generations in how to care for their horses.

HELPS are currently meeting each week with horse owners throughout the city, worming, delousing and teaching wound management and basic care.

On these outings, HELPS work with European Welfare Group Pro Protection Animale.

HELPS are also hoping to introduce veterinary clinics, farrier days and dentist days once a month to improve horse welfare in Limerick.

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