Molly and Tom Martens jailed for manslaughter of Limerick man Jason Corbett

The father-daughter pair will serve between 51 and 74 months in prison.

Molly Martens Corbett and her father Tom have been sent back to jail for the 2015 manslaughter of Limerick man Jason Corbett after a case retrial.

The pair will serve additional time in prison on top of the 44 months they served over the 2015 killing of Irish businessman Jason Corbett, Judge David Hall of Davidson Superior Court has said.

The judge sentenced both defendants to 51 to 74 months in prison on voluntary manslaughter charges minus time served. Each gets credit for 44 months already served from sentences after their 2017 convictions.

The sentencing works out to 7 to 30 months of remaining active prison time for each defendant.

After the pair’s hearing concluded in Lexington, it was revealed that each defendant will actually serve only seven months behind bars, thanks to good behaviour sentencing reduction.

The judge found there were “holes in the evidence” presented by their defence at the time of the sentencing in Davidson County Court.

The father of two, Jason Corbett, was beaten to death in his home in North Carolina in August 2015.

Tom Martens pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Jason Corbett, while his daughter Molly pleaded “no contest” to the same charge.

Judge Hall ordered that Molly Martens undergo a psychiatric assessment and avail of all the psychological treatments in prison, as well as be placed on suicide watch.

He said he would accept several mitigating factors in formulating his sentence.

Judge Hall said he did not find exceptional mitigation, which would have allowed him to impose the probation act.

The psychological examination of Ms Martens revealed that before she married Mr Corbett, she wanted to adopt his two children and divorce him with custody rights.

A US police officer has recounted the night he found Sarah and Jack Corbett while his father was murdered.

Lieutenant Clayton Dagenhardt said the two children, aged 10 and eight at the time, were upstairs in their bedroom when their father was beaten to death with a baseball bat and concrete paving slab downstairs in his home.

Both children, now ages 19 and 17, were in court throughout the hearing alongside Tracey Corbett- Lynch, Mr Corbett’s sister, who they now live with in Limerick.

Both children read their detailed victim impact statements and denounced Molly Martens as a “monster” who had stolen their childhood and their father.

The 2017 trial heard how Tom Martens, a retired Federal Bureau of Investigations agent, claimed he was acting in self-defence, and that Mr Corbett attacked him first.

The family maintain that Mr Corbett was planning to bring his children to his home in Limerick amid concerns over his wife’s mental health problems.

Molly Martens said not a day goes by without her regretting her actions on the August night of 2015.

She said “I accept full responsibility for what I did. I am sorry”.

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