One of Ireland’s greatest storytellers to visit Limerick

ONE of Ireland’s greatest storytellers is coming to Limerick City tomorrow.

Eddie Lenihan’s Stories for all is an evening of storytelling and is part of Samhain: Limerick’s Halloween Festival.

The enchanting story teller will speak of fairies, the supernatural, fallen angels and all sorts of creatures from Irish mythology.

These folktales are guaranteed to intrigue the mind and soul, and Eddie Lenihan’s unique style of storytelling has always excited people.

The Kerry man is one of the few remaining traditional storytellers or ‘Seanchaithe’ in Ireland.

Eddie has collected years of stories from older people which were passed to them from their parents, grandparents and even, great-grandparents.

After recording these stories which were passed through the generations, Eddie is now distributing them to this generation in the form of books, talks and storytelling events.

Stories for all is sure to be an evening that will excite people of all ages as they explore the wonderful folktales that are associated with Ireland and Irish culture.

The evening will also be one of education as children and adults learn of traditional Ireland where stories were told back then by way of passing from word of mouth.

The event will take place at Ormston House on Patrick Street tomorrow, Thursday at 6pm.

For booking and further information on Samhain: Limerick’s Halloween Festival, contact

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