Community Umbrella Group launches Window Box competition

Our Lady of Lourdes Community Umbrella Group have begun the first rounds of their Window Box competition over the last number of weeks.

The Community Umbrella Group has been running for several years and is a group of people who work across different organisations and are involved in varying committees in the Our Lady of Lourdes area.

This is the first year the competition has run, but member Katherine Kirby is hopeful it is the first of many.

“Hopefully it will be something that will run again in the future- funding dependant, of course.”

The window box materials were distributed to participants March 25, and the committee were hopeful that planting would have begun within a few days.

An external judge will be recruited, and the judging will be done via photographs, to keep in line with Covid-19 restrictions.

The idea of a window box competition stemmed from the groups participations with Tidy Towns, and their involvement in the infamous Team Limerick Cleanup (TLC) but a special mention goes to Sister Delia O’Connor who was at the forefront of this project and helped gathering the materials.

From a social perspective Katherine is confident that this will benefit greatly.

“One woman who entered started talking to her neighbours, and next thing the whole of her avenue were involved.”

The competition is a great initiative to spruce up our windows, and with the help of funding from Pobal the group were able to provide all the equipment, garden boxes, compost, and flower seeds, to the entrants.

The competition was tipped to begin last February, but unfortunately Covid restrictions put a delay to this date, “We had a few different issues [in the lead up] such as sourcing the equipment.”

“Garden centres don’t have all that they usually would have at the moment,” Katherine told us.

There is also Brexit to consider, as much of the equipment may have been sourced from the United Kingdom.

Competition prices include a Fairtrade hamper donated by Doras Luimní, a variation of books, and of course, gardening tools for the up and coming gardener.

The competition can be followed on the groups facebook page, West End Youth Centre, or their website

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