Record turnout for Limerick’s Run in the Dark

Run in the Dark Limerick took place in University of Limerick on the evening of Wednesday, November 14, with a record-breaking turnout of over 250 runners.

Run in the Dark is the main fundraiser for the Mark Pollock Trust, whose goal is to find a cure for paralysis.

Runners were asked to make donations of a minimum of 25 towards the charity and were provided with a Run in the Dark flashing arm cuff and refreshments.

The overall national goal to raise 500,000, has already been reached and surpassed as this event also takes place in various other places over the country, with the turnout in Dublin totalling at over 9,000.

JC Hern (Winner 5k) and Cormac Flannery (2nd place 5k). Photo: Yash Sanghvi, Limerick Voice

Blind adventure athlete Mark Pollock was left paralysed in 2010. Alongside the Mark Pollock Trust team, he is “exploring the intersection where humans and technology collide, catalysing collaborations that have never been done before and unlocking $1 billion to cure paralysis in our lifetime.”

According to the race director Edel Henriques: “Mark Pollock was a visually impaired runner who accidentally fell out of his apartment when he stepped out on to his patio door and forgot it was on the second floor.”

”That led to him being paralysed and since then he has been raising funds for suits that you can wear when you are paralysed that will those who need it to walk.”

(L-R) John Liston, Miriam Byrne and Kenny Ward. Photo: Yash Sanghvi, Limerick Voice

According to Edel: “Tonight the runners here in Limerick would be joining more runners around the world in places such as Australia, Hong Kong, the United States of America and Canada to name a few”.

“This has been the biggest Run in the Dark in Limerick so far, we have had 264 registered runners with more turning up on the night bringing the total to about 280,” she added.

“By taking part in the Run in the Dark, you are part of a global community running together to cure paralysis in our lifetime.”

Maire Conlan and Declan O’Connor. Photo: Yash Sanghvi, Limerick Voice

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