Security Cameras in Southill, Ballinacurra Weston to be Monitored

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There are plans to start the live monitoring of security cameras in Southill early next year.

A two-year training scheme will be implemented where trainees will monitor the security feeds in the currently unoccupied Southill monitoring station.

The Limerick City and Council hopes start the live monitoring in February or March.

There are around 30 security cameras in Southill, and around 10 in Ballinacurra Weston.

Both locations send their security feeds to a CCTV monitoring station in the south side of Limerick.

The cameras are maintained by Gardaí, and record footage used in their investigations.

However, no one has been monitoring the cameras live at the station.

This means that the cameras record at a fixed position and cannot track people’s movement or zoom in and out to help identify people.

Moyross currently has a CCTV monitoring station in its Community Enterprise Centre, which covers about 100 cameras in the north side of the city.

The Council has been working with the Moyross Community Enterprise Centre to potentially extend their monitoring to the south side.

If the two year scheme in Southill is not extended, the camera feeds will then be sent to the Moyross CCTV station for monitoring.

Fibre optic cables are being laid under Childers Road and Hyde Road to connect camera feeds to the Moyross Community Centre.

The cameras will also be upgraded to meet Internet Protocol standards.

In September of this year, Environment, Community and Local Government Minister Alan Kelly announced a €3 million investment into the Moyross Community Enterprise Centre.

This funding is aimed at redevelopment, including plans to upgrade their monitoring facilities to a custom built, modernised CCTV room.

Moyross’s CCTV station could eventually become a centralised hub of the Council’s surveillance feeds in Limerick.

However, this would be limited to cameras that can be connected to the station.

Jason Murphy, a senior executive officer with the Limerick Office of Regeneration, says it would be a technical challenge to monitor all the cameras owned by Limerick City and County Council, which extend as far as Abbeyfeale, in one location.

These cameras were installed through government grants, which were secured through the “Community based CCTV” initiative run by Pobal, in conjunction with the Limerick Regeneration Programme.

Pobal, a non-profit organisation works with local communities to secure funding and support services from the Government.

The Limerick Regeneration Programme is a government funded project created to fund social and physical improvements to deprived areas such as St. Mary’s Park, Moyross, Southill and Ballinacurra Weston.

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