Southill Hub receives funding for aerial art project

The Southill Hub has received funding for a youth-led aerial art project.

Young people from Southill will have the opportunity to participate in training with the Irish Aerial Creation Centre.

Youth Work lead Suzi Cronin says the project will give the young people something new and exciting to take part in.

“It’s an amazing art form, and there’s space where young people can develop skills that they have never even thought of before is absolutely amazing,” she said.  

During a 2019 consultation, young people in Southill said they wanted to do something physical with a thrill-seeking element.

The Irish Aerial Creation Centre based in Gillogue, Co.Clare facilitated several taster workshops for the young people.  

Cronin said: “We went out to visit it, and it was amazing; it’s mind-blowing what these people can do, so we thought it would be a great way to get young people to do it.”

Ms Cronin says the young people loved the experience and wanted to do more.

“The young people in Southill are great fun. They are enthusiastic, and they really engage with the projects we do, which is really positive,” she said.

When funding became available, the youth project planned to expand on the workshops.

“The local creative youth partnership again had funding available last year for an artist in residency, and we thought it was a really good way to marry those ideas,” she said.

Cronin hopes the project can start when Covid-19 restrictions are eased.

Although she acknowledges, it may not be possible until level two or three restrictions.

Croin added the project would not be possible without the Local Creative Youth Partnership’s support. 

“The Southill Hub is so grateful to the Local Creative Youth Partnership for giving us this opportunity, and they have been very supportive of all the work that we have done.”

The Local Creative Youth Partnership is an initiative that aims to work with youths and local artists to create projects for young people.

There are three partnerships nationwide with the other two in Kerry and Laois/Offaly.

In Limerick, it is run by the Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board.  

Limerick Coordinator Monica Spencer says the youth partnership wants to create collaborations with local artists.  

“We aim to act as change agents within local communities, unlocking new ways of working and supporting the creative and cultural education of thousands of our children and young people,” she said.

Cronin says this project is an opportunity young people in Southill would not ordinarily have.

While the Irish aerial Creation centre has open workshops, the cost of and lack of transport would be prohibitive to most young people.

“It will be great that we will be going out, that we are bringing young people out of their community as well and leaving them having good experiences somewhere else in Limerick city or county,” she said.

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