Limerick hospital release powerful documentary on their fight against COVID-19

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St. John’s Hospital in Co. Limerick, which was almost worn down by COVID-19 earlier this year, warns that its staff, patients, and loved ones cannot go through the same trauma again.

CEO of St. John’s Hospital, Emer Martin, has asked the public to redouble efforts in new documentary as Ireland heads for Level 5 restrictions.

This short documentary offers an account of how staff in the hospital coped during the worst period of the pandemic and insists that everything must be done to avoid the trauma of last spring.

In the six-minute video, Clinical Nurse Manager at St. John’s Hospital Emer McLaughlin gave personal testimony of the travails of patients and staff at the hospital. 

Ms. Martin said: “There was one particular week that we did feel overwhelmed. This was completely different. I could feel this tightness in my chest. And it was the week of Easter. It just I felt that we were like a sinking ship. And I had never felt that before.”

In the video, Ms Martin pays tribute to the staff for their heroism during the worst of the pandemic.

“Our staff didn’t see themselves as heroes, but they were in my eyes. Decisions were being made faster, people volunteering, being asked to do different things, and no one thought twice.  We were in the middle of a storm trying to hold on, but you could see the determination.”

Recently retired Director of Nursing at St. John’s Margaret Finn, who postponed her retirement to help the fight against COVID-19, summed up the emotional roller coaster that the period was.

Ms. Finn said: “The saddest of scenes were witnessed here. The families saying their goodbyes, these goodbyes will never be undone. It was a dreadful time.  As a society, we can’t afford to go back there. It’s in our own hands. but knowing St. John’s, if we have to go back there again, we will.”

Watch the full documentary here:

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