Temporary Care Facility at UL to close

The Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) located in the Sports Arena in the University of Limerick is to close today after five months.

The temporary care facility has benefitted 188 patients in their rehabilitation between June 8th and October 23rd.

In a statement to UL staff and students, UL President Kerstin Mey said: “The Intermediate Care Facility at UL was an example of a collaborative multi -organisational solution to serve our community at an anxious and difficult time.”

The ICF was set up in June to help ease the pressure on medical facilities in the area, following a growth in Covid-19 cases in hospitals.

The University Hospital Limerick is consistently cited among the most overcrowded in the country.

The facility catered for patients who were well enough to leave hospital but who may have needed further rehabilitation and were waiting for long term care.

They received 24/7 care provided by a 70 UL Hospital Group staff.

‘We can be immensely proud of the support we offered our UHL partners and our community and my sincere thanks go to the many individuals within the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences, Buildings and Estates, Plassey Campus Centre, UL Executive Committee and UL Sport who took on the challenge of supporting the establishment of this facility in record time,’ Mey stated.

The 68-bed field hospital will be dismantled, and the Sports arena returned to its previous use once coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

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