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ESB Work To Restore Power for Over 200 Customers Following Storm Barney

Image: Adrian Butler

ESB crews are working to restore power for customers across Limerick county after gale force winds damaged transmission lines yesterday.

Over 200 homes across Limerick were left powerless due to Storm Barney, and winds of up to 120km per hour were recorded across the county.

A spokesperson for the ESB assured customers that their crews were on track in restoring power for today.

A clean-up operation also took place in Limerick today after the damage caused by the storm.

Over a dozen trees and a telephone poles were knocked down due to the powerful winds yesterday.

Met Eireann has issued a yellow weather alert for Limerick city and county, although the wind is not expected to be as strong as it was on Tuesday.

There are no reports of any major accidents in relation to the storm, however motorists are advised to take extra caution while driving.


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