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Steady Trade Continues in Kilmallock Mart

Kilmallock mart was busy last Monday with a special sale of suckler cows. There were 83 pens of bullocks booked in alongside 23 pens of heifers. There were also 231 dry cows booked in with the special sale having 50 lots entered. A top price of €2,300 was paid.

The gates opened at 8am and the sale of the heifers and bullocks began at 10.30am. The Special Cow Sale began at 1.30pm. Trade was steady for light heifers with lots comfortably making €300. A number of Limousin and Angus crosses weighing between 265 and 295 kilos made between €605 and €625 respectively.

Heavier heifers struggled to break the €1000 mark. Less liked breeds such as Hereford crosses sold for €970 and €985 having weighed in at just over 500 kilos (€1.97/kg). The trade for Limousin heifers was similar with one lot making €1070 and weighing 580 kilos (€1.86/kg).

Meanwhile the bullock sale saw prices of €2.14/kg and €2.27/kg for quality Belgian Blue and Limousine crosses that were just over 18 months old. Likewise, a Simmental cross bullock weighing 530 kilos made €1130 (€2.13/kg). However, less fleshy animals struggled in the sale with 5 quality assured Friesian bullocks weighing 540 kilos selling for just €900, with ages varying between February and March 2014 (€1.66/kg). A pen of quality assured Angus cross bullocks weighing 545 kilos failed to sell first time through the ring having stopped at €1050 (€1.92/kg).

The Special Cow sale attracted a large crowd with a number of farmers looking to add to their herd. There were a number of quality Limousin and Charolais cattle for sale, and the majority that were sold were scanned in calf between 4 and 6 months. A four star Limousin cow born in July 2012 who was six months in calf to a 5 star Limousin bull sold for €1660. More modest prices ranged between €900 and €1200 for Limousin and Simmental cattle ranging in age from 2006 and to 2012 that were scanned in calf.

The next suckler cow sale will take place on Monday 7th December with bookings taken up until the Monday beforehand. Next Monday will see the North Munster Cattle Society  hold their Autumn Sale of Pedigree Stock with the sale starting at 1pm.

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