‘Think Before You Park’ campaign sees parking stickers introduced throughout Limerick

Have you received a parking sticker? Read below to see why!

A new campaign titled ‘Think Before You Park’ urges motorists to think about the consequences of their parking through a parking ‘sticker’.

The campaign aims to address obstructions caused by cars in Limerick – beginning this year with no set end date.

The campaign sees gardaí place stickers on cars issued with fixed charge notices, which will direct them to more information on proper parking. 

Last year, in excess of 18,000 fixed charge penalty notices for parking offences were doled out in Limerick.

Henry Street Garda Station Superintendent Andrew Lacey said the campaign will raise awareness surrounding “illegal parking” in the county. He explained that vehicles often move on within a few minutes, however this can have a “significant impact” on vulnerable people, businesses, residents and people with a disability.

“We’re calling for motorists to be more considerate when parking their vehicles,” Superintendent Lacey stated.

“Limerick City and County Council and An Garda Siochana both have clear statutory powers of enforcement. So always remember to think before you park.”

Gardaí issue such fines without placing physical tickets on vehicles, often leading people to believe they have not been penalised. One example of fines issued include parking illegally in a disabled parking space, which warrants a fine of €150.

Ashley McCarthy is a wheelchair user in Limerick who urged motorists to “please be considerate of other people.”

“How would you feel if someone was to be blocking your way and making your life very difficult? It’s just a simple thing of thinking in advance of where you park,” she said. 

Mayor of Limerick Councilor Gerard Mitchel said the campaign is “a collective call to mindfulness on our roads.” 

“Let’s work towards a Limerick where every parking decision is a thoughtful step towards safer, more accessible roads and footpaths for everyone.”

For more information on the campaign, click here.

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