Third Lockdown ‘been toughest mentally and physically’ says LMHA

For many, the third lockdown has been the hardest as ‘people have become stagnant and isolated in their own homes’, stated Limerick Mental Health Association’s (LMHA) Community Development Officer, Martina Shanahan.

Shanahan stated “the third lockdown has taken its toll on people’s mental health, as there is a “sense of hopelessness about it and it seems never-ending”. 

This has led to many secondary issues, leaving peoples physical health compromised also. To combat this Limerick Mental Health Association now offer online services to the people of Limerick to help keep them positive and active.

The Le Chéile Peer Support Project initially was set up in 2003, for people who have difficulty coping and experience social isolation and loneliness.

This project now run online offers people support in the form of music and art therapy, women’s groups as well as one-on-one support, to help people who have been left isolated and lonely as a result of lockdown.

The aim of the project is for people to feel included and to create connections within the community as well as giving people joy in a tough time.

LMHA also encourage people to look inward at their environment and “see how we can let in light”.

They encourage people to turn their home into their ‘sanctuary’ and declutter to create a space of ‘positive wellbeing’.

LMHA’s aim is to promote positive mental health to Limerick City and County.

“When lockdown hit again, people became stagnant and this affected their physical and mental health. Our aim is for people to really enjoy their lives”.

Classes and groups continue online all of which can be accessed at their website

If you wish to get in contact with LMHA you can contact them by phone at 087 2485742 or 061 446786. They are available Monday to Friday 11pm-4pm, or email

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