Man charged by Gardaí following College Court street party

A man in his 20’s has been charged by Gardai after Gardaí were called to a street party in the College Court area of Castletroy in Limerick on Tuesday night.

Video footage widely circulated on social media showed dozens of people attending a street party on Craysfort Avenue in College Court, a housing estate located beside the University of Limerick campus largely occupied by students.

A local resident told Limerick Voice that the gathering began around 3pm, and had escalated into a mass gathering by half 6.

Gardaí were called by 6:55pm, and arrived on the scene shortly after half 7, with the witness noting the attendes “ran everywhere when the Gardaí arrived.”

Two men were arrested under Public Order Legislation, while one man was arrested under the Misuse of Drugs Legislation.

In addition, 30 Fixed Payment Notices for Breaches of the Health Act were issued.

A Gardaí investigation has been launched into the event, and a file is being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Authorities at the University of Limerick are due to meet on Wednesday morning to discuss possible sanctions against those found in breach of public health guidelines.

In a statement on Twitter on Tuesday evening, UL President Kerstin Mey said the University “will take action with strong disciplinary measures against any student who has been found to have breached public health guidelines,” adding “students at UL are subject to a Code of Conduct.”

Minister for Higher Education, Simon Harris TD, stated the incident was a “slap in the face” to “everyone sacrificing so much.”

“It does a real disservice to all students who abide by the rules day in and out,” before adding he has spoken to the University of Limerick.

The incident comes among an outbreak of Covid-19 among the student population in Limerick, with an email distributed to staff and students on Friday Feburary 19th stating “student COVID-19 case numbers are on the rise. We are at a critical point in the battle against COVID-19 and students have a more critical role than ever in the fight against the transmission of this disease.”

Testing carried out among the student population in Mid-Feburary identified 120 positive cases out of over 300 tests, which lead to Public Health Mid-West to identifying possible clusters in off-campus housing.

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