Two-Day extension granted on Gaza ceasefire

Two children at a rally for a ceasefire in Gaza
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This comes after the release of Irish-Israeli girl Emily Hand after being held in captivity by Hamas for 50 days

A wave of relief passed through the citizens of Gaza and Israel as it was announced on Monday, November 27, that the current four-day ceasefire, that was set to expire Tuesday morning, has been extended by a further two days, offering fresh hope that a truce could potentially be reached by the two conflicting regions.

This news comes after days of negotiations, that were all in a bid to de-escalate the ongoing war that has seen thousands of innocent civilians lose their lives and be separated from their families.

Micheál Martin, Minister for Foreign Affairs detailed the nation’s delight when nine-year-old Irish-Israeli dual citizen, Emily Hand, was finally released from captivity by Hamas, after 50 days of being held hostage and reunited with her family.

Since the agreed-upon ceasefire, 69 Israeli hostages have been released by Hamas, the Islamic resistance movement, since Friday, November 24, with eleven of those victims, two mothers and nine children, being released Monday night.

Additionally, 33 Palestinians, three women and 30 children, have been released from prisons in Israel on Monday night, bringing the total to approximately 150 hostages freed.

It was reported on Israel’s Army radio station today, Tuesday, November 28, that the government of Israel have received a list of hostages who are expected to be released today.

In a press release issued Monday, November 27, Mr Martin called for an extension of the Gaza truce while highlighting the need for all hostages to be released, saying, “I appeal now to all parties to build on the important steps that have been taken- the cessation of all hostilities, the delivery of vital aid and the release of some hostages- and extend and expand this truce.”

He goes on to say, “Ireland has repeatedly called for a sustainable humanitarian ceasefire to be established and I earnestly hope this happens now. This conflict must end. Gaza’s civilian population cannot be allowed to suffer any further.”

The ceasefire extension is welcomed with open arms by many, however, both regions are expected to make serious sacrifices as there are still many obstacles to be tackled before true peace prevails.

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