Ukraine-Russia war: How can Limerick help?

How can the people of Limerick help Ukraine citizens during the ongoing conflict

The Ukraine-Russia war is currently dominating global headlines. With news of the atrocities being faced by civilians in the war, it leaves many people wondering what they can do to help.

When researching what a person in Ireland can do to aid both those stuck in the war-torn areas as well as refugees who have had to leave everything behind and flee, you are faced with an abundance of conflicting information as to how relief can be provided.

Limerick Voice reporter, Paige Foley, has compiled a compact list of things you can do to help those being directly affected by the warfare.

The primary difference in how a person can provide help depends on the case of those you are looking to support.

How to help those in need

First off, if you are looking to help refugees who have fled Ukraine, the providing of essential goods, is encouraged.

While not many Ukrainian refugees have yet come to Ireland, the government has stated that they may enter the country without the requirement of a visa, with just government identification (rather than the traditional need for a passport for international travel).

Ukrainian refugees, in many cases, have fled without most, if any, of their personal belongings. Therefore, the donation of essential goods is pivotal to the beginning to rebuild their lives after the war.

Essential goods that they need include:

  • Sleeping bags and blankets,
  • Nappies and sanitary towels,
  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste, toiletries,
  • Children’s toys (such as crayons),
  • First aid kits,
  • Thermal clothing,
  • Metal cups and tinned foods.

While this list is not everything that can be donated it is a comprehensive list of where a person can begin to help refugees who have fled from Ukraine.

Moreover, if looking to donate essential goods across Ukraine borders, the Irish Red Cross has advised against this and instead stated that monetary donations would better help the citizens still living in the war-torn country.

When reached for comment on how people in the Limerick area can provide aid in the ongoing crisis, the Limerick branch of the Irish Red Cross stated:

“We respectfully suggest making a cash donation to an organization responding in Ukraine, or neighboring countries, rather than gathering goods or equipment, as it is very difficult to get these items to people in need at this time and the Irish Red Cross is concerned that these donations will not reach intended recipients and fulfill the good
intentions behind them.”

When providing monetary donations, it is strongly advised that a person researches the charity they are donating to make sure that they are reputable, and the money is providing aid to those who most need the support.

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