UL announces Covid-19 Day Pass plan

The University of Limerick are carrying out a three week trial of a Covid-19 Day Pass Portal for students attending face-to-face teaching and with a booking to access the library.

“The principle behind the portal is simple,” an email to UL students read.

“Every day you are on campus for lectures, practical classes or library study, you must complete the COVID-19 daily symptom tracker questions on the Portal.”

A Green pass means that you can come on campus.

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A UL Covid-19 Day Pass

A Red pass means that you must stay at home and you should contact your local GP or the Student Health Centre.

Students can access the Portal on their smartphone device or print off a PDF which must be signed before arriving on campus.

“The use of the UL Student COVID-19 Day-Pass Portal will further strengthen COVID-19 protocols that are already in place and ultimately help prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the UL campus community,” the email read.

“It is important that all students scheduled for on-campus learning in April take part in trialling the Portal to help us plan for a more normal student experience during the next academic year.”

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The portal can be accessed from Monday, April 12th.

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