University of Limerick secure funding for life changing Cystic Fibrosis device

Photo: University of Limerick. From left to right: Deirdre McGrath, Colum Dunne and Leonard O’Sullivan with the SoloPEP device

Inventors at the University of Limerick have secured €500,000 in funding for a new medical device for Cystic Fibrosis patients.

The disposable SoloPEP device will lessen patients’ exposure to infections and will mean less hospital visits as well as reduced antibiotic usage.

The product works by removing mucus from airways in patients and is expected to be on the market in approximately two years.

Unlike the percussion based devises used by physiotherapists for CF patients, SoloPEP is disposable, reducing the possibility of infection.

The device is hoped to greatly improve the lives of CF patients in Ireland, which has the highest rate of Cystic Fibrosis in the world. 

The Limerick based team includes Professor Deirdre McGrath, Respiratory Consultant at Barrington’s Hospital and Dr Barry Linnane, Paediatric Consultant at University Hospital Limerick.

Professor Colum Dunne, Foundation Chair and Director of Research at UL’s Graduate Entry Medical School welcomed the progress.

“This product has the potential to improve the lives of Cystic Fibrosis and other patients. But for that to happen the product must actually be available to them,” he said.

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