UL Student Life releases statement in solidarity with Palestine

The student representative body of the University of Limerick (UL) declared its solidarity with Palestine in a statement on social media, alongside an open letter to the University.

The University of Limerick’s student representative body, Student Life, have released a statement across social media, declaring its solidarity with Palestine.

A move which has been called for across the student body, the statement reveals a motion was passed at student council before Christmas, reflecting Student Life’s collective stance on supporting Palestine.

The statement released on social media reads: “A motion has passed from our Student Council to take a stance on an issue of international importance – our support for Palestine.

“In alignment with this motion, UL Student Life is committed to actively supporting Palestine during this period. The Student Officer team have been developing a comprehensive plan of action that focuses on lobbying, campaigning, and engaging in meaningful discussions with our campus community.

“Our aim is to not only to raise awareness within the student body but also to extend our reach to the wider community. We believe that collaboration and open dialogue are key to fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding this issue and to promoting a culture of solidarity and support.

The cover of Student Life’s statement on Instagram

“We understand that this is a sensitive and multifaceted issue, and we are committed to approaching it with the utmost respect and consideration. We encourage all students to participate in this initiative, by getting involved in student democracy or by contributing to the discussions and campaigns we are organising.

“In the coming weeks, we will share more information about our planned activities, including how you can get involved. We look forward to your support and participation as we embark on this important mission.”

Alongside this statement, the student representative body shared an extract from their open letter to the University. Within the extract, Student Life urged the University to stand with them.

They asked UL to: “Reconsider any existing ties with Israeli research institutions and companies that are complicit in violating Palestinian human rights.

“Support our students who choose not to participate in cooperative education programs with companies boycotted by BDS.”

And finally: “Engage in our annual Anti-Apartheid Campaign to raise awareness and educate our community on these issues.”

Responses to the statement have been widely supportive.

One comment says: “Well overdue. Hopefully some action to take place in the future,” while others call for UL to “listen”.

To read the statement in full and Student Life’s open letter to UL, click here.

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