UL warns students of high number of mumps cases on campus

THE University of Limerick is warning its students after a number of people have been diagnosed with mumps on campus.

Mumps is a viral infection which in general terms presents with a swelling of one of the salivary glands or more in the neck. These may be in front of the ear or beneath the jaw on either the left or right side or indeed on both sides.

The university has sent out a campus-wide email warning students who are experiencing symptoms of mumps to “isolate themselves from others” and “go home for 7 days after the onset of symptoms”.

It explains, “students who contract mumps will notice swelling on the face and this may be sore and tender to the touch and may cause difficulty swallowing. Students who contract mumps may also complain of a mild fever and some constitutional symptoms such as aches, pains and headache”.

However, it also reassures students that “in the vast majority of cases, the condition is self-limiting and will resolve in a matter of a few days without any adverse effects or complications”.

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