University of Limerick student to feature in new RTÉ documentary ‘My Uni Life’

University of Limerick (UL) student Shaun Fogarty will feature in a new documentary starting on RTÉ this Friday November 6 at 7.30pm.

My Uni Life will run over five weeks on RTÉ One, documenting the journey of seven students in higher education across Ireland.

Shaun Fogarty, from Cahir, Tipperary, had his life and university experience transformed overnight when he was severely injured in a road traffic accident in 2012.

UL President, Kerstin Mey said: “Shaun’s is an inspiring story.  We can and should take pride in his achievements and the support that UL Student Affairs and the Disability Support Service continue to give Shaun in achieving his incredible potential.”

Prior to his injury, Shaun had just finished his first year of Applied Physics at UL.

Despite a long recovery in hospital and the need for full time care assistance, Shaun was determined to complete his education.

The Irish Universities Association has partnered with RTÉ to create this five-part TV series, which focuses on seven out of more than 5000 students each year whose desire to succeed at third level education is facilitated and supported by the Access and Disability programmes run by Irish Universities.

Head of Disability Services at UL, Brenda Shinners Kennedy said: “Shaun’s story is unique, his courage and determination is beyond anything that I have seen in my 25 years’ experience as a Disability Officer.”

Another University of Limerick student Donnah Sibanda Vuma, studying her BA in Politics, International Relations and Sociology, will also appear on the show in the latter half of the series.

Donnah is a public speaker and activist regarding conditions faced by asylum seekers in Ireland.

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