University students encouraged to use their voices to help end sexual violence and harassment

The Minister for Further and Higher Education Simon Harris TD is encouraging university students to complete a survey about student experiences with sexual violence and harrasment.

The survey is being run by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) in a bid to make a difference by allowing student’s voices and experiences to be heard.

The aim of the survey is to help the HEA to understand student experiences of sexual harassment and violence on college campuses across Ireland, and to use these responses to make national policy and funding decisions.

Students are encouraged to take part in order to make campuses a safer place and to take action towards putting an end to sexual violence and harrasment.

The survey will run until April 30th.

A mural was erected at the University of Limerick in 2019 to raise awareness about sexual assault

Results will be published at a national level but participation in the survey is voluntary and anonymous, and no personally identifying information is requested.

Trigger warnings are included at the start of sections on sensitive topics, and the option will be given to skip questions if students do not feel comfortable answering them.

The survey can be accessed through this link:

If you have been affected by sexual harassment and/or sexual violence and need some support, please see the list of specialist organisations that can offer you support.

Key policies and supports available:

Women’s Aid 24 hr helpline: 1800 341 900

Men’s Aid: 01 554 3811

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