WATCH: Final-year journalism students at UL produce news bulletin

Final-year Journalism students at the University of Limerick recently produced a news bulletin.

As part of a a module in Broadcast Journalism, students were tasked with creating a news bulletin under deadline conditions.

The students created a news bulletin covering topics ranging from how students are perceived by the media, a food market in Castletroy, how Limerick’s nightlife is in danger due to Covid-19, among other topics.

Enya McIntyre, desk editor for the group said “this years newsday was unusual in the sense it was all done remotely. We didn’t have the advantage of having all our team together in-person so Zoom was our best friend and if internet connection was an issue, it was something we just had to work around.”

“I think, considering all of these setbacks, the finished package we produced was really good. We made great use of the resources that were at hand to us; our presenter being in Limerick meant we had the opportunity to try out presenting on location.”

“Having a number of our team based in Limerick meant we had people on hand to help with shooting and everyone was more than happy to oblige. It all came down to the team and I’m really pleased with the work everyone did and the finished package we produced.”

UL Lecturer in broadcast Journalism Dr Fergal Quinn said “We are really pleased with how these bulletins came together.”

“This is the first time myself and Audrey Galvin, our lecturer in radio, have run the new JM4058 Broadcast week module, which aims to build on basic Tv and radio skills learnt earlier by having students in the BA to produce real-time ‘live’ bulletins.”

“Last year at the beginning of the pandemic we ran TV newsdays entirely remotely. This year we were able to have some limited time on campus using our high end studio equipment. I think the experience was an accurate reflection of how broadcast multi media is going to be for some time to come – more remote working blended with limited studio access.”

“The reporters, the studio technicians and editors really brought their A-games and all of us here in the journalism department in UL are very proud of them”

“The talent coming out of this programme really is something! Keep an eye out for them!” he added.

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