WATCH: Student journalists at University of Limerick produce news bulletin

Final-year and masters journalism students at the University of Limerick recently produced a news bulletin.

The news bulletins, carried out as part of a broadcast media module, involved students creating a news broadcast from scratch and reporting on the news issues of the day.

The first group, overseen by Daimhlinn Darling and Kate Devaney, reported on topics as varied as the Cheltenham racing festival, how to cut your own hair at home, World Lip Reading Day and World Poetry Day.

Discussing the experience, Darling said “the show was created over a period of 48 hours, including 4 featured video packages, a sports and news bulletin, and a weather segment.”

“Given the current pandemic, all of our teamwork for this huge collaborative project had to be done from home. All of our team meetings were conducted over Zoom or Teams, packages were sent via WeTransfer, and any editorial changes had to be made over the phone,” she explained.

“In spite of this, I believe that our team produced a bulletin that will not be dismissed for being ‘the pandemic year production’, but will be celebrated for being such a creative vision of professionalism that people will not believe it was created during this unfortunate time in the first place. “

“Although the process was challenging and highly demanding, I am so incredibly proud of my team for producing such a skilled and polished bulletin, but especially for their individual talents and their vital roles in the teamwork that was inevitably much more difficult than ever before,” she added.

Dr. Fergal Quinn, lecturer at the University of Limerick, said “we are really pleased with how these bulletins came together. This is the first time myself and Audrey Galvin, our lecturer in radio, have run the new JM4058 Broadcast week module, which aims to build on basic TV and radio skills learnt earlier by having students in the BA to produce real-time ‘live’ bulletins.”

“Last year at the beginning of the pandemic we ran TV newsdays entirely remotely. This year we were able to have some limited time on campus using our high-end studio equipment. I think the experience was an accurate reflection of how broadcast multimedia is going to be for some time to come – more remote working blended with limited studio access”

“The bulletins are excellent this year – our group is smaller than usual but they really rose to the challenge producing great content. There was a great range of stories, whether about getting your hair cut on lockdown, poetry week, to anti-student prejudice to the difficulty of people with hearing impairments due to mask-wearing”

“Our MA group is bigger than ever and they produced a very wide range of stories, including a tough one about the rise in racist behaviour on our campus.

“The reporters, the studio technicians and editors really brought their A-games and all of us here in the journalism delpartment in UL are very proud of them.”

“The talent coming out of this programme really is something! Keep an eye out for them!” he added.

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