Young couple walk from Dublin to Limerick for suicide prevention

By Jennifer Purcell

A warm reception at Clohessy’s Bar welcomed the arrival of couple Darren and Tegan Milton, who walked from Dublin to Limerick in nine days to raise funds for Corbett Suicide Prevention Limerick (CSPL).

The half Irish, half Aussie couple, joked that: “It’s just the feet that are tired,” but kept in high spirits as they were greeted by Unity Gospel Choir.

This is part two of three challenges set by the couple to raise vital funds for two charities, Corbett Suicide Prevention Limerick and Mission Mexico.

Darren, who is originally from Dublin, explained that he suffers with anxiety, so they wanted to pick a charity related to mental health and suicide prevention.

“We saw the charity on ‘A Sporting Chance’, on RTE,” explained Tegan, “My uncle passed away from suicide. When I saw that programme, to see the volunteers come out a few nights a week to help people going down that road, I just loved the charity.”

Darren said looking at Ireland from a different prospective, mental health isn’t dealt with the same as it is in Australia. Australia hold an event day called ‘Are you okay’, each year to raise awareness for mental health.

“There was a sign on the bridge saying ‘Are you okay?’ explains Darren, “and I thought, you know what, no I’m not okay.”

The couple walked from Dublin, via the Wicklow Way and said the generosity of strangers made it all worthwhile.

“As soon as we told them what we were doing, they’d go out of their way to help us, in any way,” said Tegan.

Louraine Corbett Tomlinson, Director of CSPL, spoke at the event: “We are honoured that you have chosen our charity, and we are in awe of the amazing stories from your journey so far. You are an inspiration to us all here!”

CSPL, also announced their second ambassador at the event – along with Keith Earls – rugby legend and pub owner, Peter Clohessy.

“I think it’s a fabulous organisation,” said Clohessy, “these organisations don’t run themselves, they’re a non-profit organisation. They need cash to get their gear and everything sorted so hopefully I can help them with any fundraising events to raise a few pound to help keep them going.”

CSPL, formally Corbett Suicide Prevention Patrol, are currently looking for volunteers. The group patrol the four main bridges of the city three nights a week, for those who may be in distress or suicidal. If you are interested in volunteering find them on Facebook or Twitter at CSPL for details.



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