New lease of life for Moyross Millenium Park

THE new Moyross Millennium park caters for everyone, “from the cradle to the grave.”

A soft play surface, a rope-climbing hill, gym equipment and a sit-in train are all features of the revamped park.

“It’s fabulous! It’s really colourful and bright,” said Moyross resident and mother of two, Deirdre O’Driscoll, who was involved in the consultation process. 

The park consists of two main areas – one for toddlers and one for older children. There are 4 pieces of adult gym equipment dotted around the park, a water fountain feature and a seating area which connects to the Community Hub Café.

After an accidental fire damaged one piece of the old playground equipment 2 years ago, Moyross Community Enterprise Centre planned to completely redo the park with the needs of local people in mind. 

Paddy Flannery, CEO of Moyross Community Enterprise Centre described the fire as “a prank gone wrong,” to the in 2017.

They waited for the building work to be completed on the neighbouring Community Enterprise Centre before getting to work on the park.

According to Mr Flannery, the project was supported by the centre itself along with Limerick Regeneration and Moyross Resident’s Forum. 

Through the Resident’s Forum, local people were able to have direct input into the planning process for the park.

Tracy Mc Elligott from Moyross Resident’s Forum said :“This wonderful  facility is the result of extensive consultation by Moyross Residents Forum with a number of resident and community groups in Moyross to identify how best to upgrade the park to be a more inclusive facility for all ages from toddlers and teens to more mature residents.”

Deirdre O’Driscoll said: “I voiced my opinion that parents should be able to work out at the same time as their kids are playing.

So, we have it that the gym isn’t and one side when the park is at the other. Parents can work away on the machine and still see their kids in the playground.”

The local creche Little Seeds and the neighbouring Corpus Christi National School are due to make great use of the new park when the weather improves.

The park was designed by the Limerick firm, Drake Hourigan Architects and took inspiration from other Limerick parks like those in Mungret and Croom. 

“It’s amazing what can be achieved when we all work together,” added Ms Mc Elligott.

The park is open from 10am – 5pm and has yet to have an official opening.

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