Calls for defibrillator investment from Limerick soccer


Both Limerick Junior League and the District and County Underage League have called for more funding from the FAI to provide clubs with defibrillators.

While it is common to see defibrillators at GAA grounds, some in Limerick feel soccer has been left behind.

PRO for Limerick District and County Underage League, Eoghan O’Donnell, said, “If the FAI did a promotion like the GAA and bought the defibrillators in bulk to then sell to clubs at a reduced cost then this is something we would definitely support.”

“Where we are in Knockainey, we’re lucky to have a defibrillator close by because of the GAA scheme so we can use that if we need to but other clubs probably aren’t so lucky,” he continued.

Mike Hurley, Chairman for the Underage League also voiced his concern. “Some pitches and facilities are sort of a side of the road affair so it would be extremely hard for them but with developments and improvements in facilities and clubhouses this [lack of defibrillators] could change. If the FAI were to back a scheme then we’d definitely support it,” he said.

Heartsafety solutions have worked alongside the GAA to provide over 2,000 defibrillators to clubs across the country since 2007.

“We have worked with the FAI in the past, although not to the same degree as the GAA,” said Garreth Walsh of Heartsafety Solutions. “We would be very keen to work with them and all sports organisations in the future.

“The GAA have been very progressive in their tackling of the defibrillator shortage and we would encourage all sports organisations to do the same,” he said.

To order a defibrillator or arrange a maintenance inspection or training course, contact or alternatively, call 01-4578719 or 1850 432787.

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