Former Limerick Hurling Star Ciarán Carey addresses the student drug problem

Drug problems extend far beyond sporting clubs, former Limerick hurling star Ciarán Carey has warned.

Speaking following his recent comments on cocaine use in the GAA, Mr Carey said young people are at risk of becoming ‘derailed’ by using drugs.

“Students in college are not exempt from drug use. I was involved in a bar on the Dock Road back in 2007 and we’d often get students coming in, and it was an issue back then,” Mr Carey said.

When asked why young students dabble in drugs, Mr Carey said: “I think when you start first year of college, it can easily act as a gateway to use of alcohol, drugs, gambling or even an eating disorder. Students who are not emotionally well or strong tend to have a go at these things and think ‘Why not? I may as well’. On the other hand, students who are emotionally good and have dignity and strong values tend to take charge of the situation and have the ability to say no.”

Mr Carey is a psychotherapy counsellor, having set up ‘My Move Counselling’ earlier this year alongside business partner James Kinnane in a bid to help others turn their lives around for the better.

On the topic of cocaine use in the GAA, Mr Carey said: “I wouldn’t have come out with such a wise statement unless I had the facts. Now that the facts are out there it is up to the clubs to say it is an issue. The clubs can do one of three things, they can try to minimise, confront or stand down.”

“The main message I wanted to spread was that drug use is an issue within the realms of the GAA but it is much wider than that. It’s early days yet. We’ve just released the rabbit out of the hat”, Mr Carey went on to say.

“I’d be going around the county to matches and I tweaked this was an issue. Wherever I went, if I was on the side-line I’d always get asked about the cocaine situation down here and in our club. People were curious if it was as big an issue here as where they were from.”

For the month of November, My Move are offering a free screening and assessment for anyone who would like to come forward, to alleviate financial pressure and provide them with peace of mind about any worries they may face.

To arrange a free assessment with My Move, contact 087 6606561.

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