Irish Lacrosse CEO relieved after postponement of World Championships

The Ireland CEO Lacrosse has stated he was a “bit relieved” after the World Lacrosse Men’s U20 Championships due to take place in the University of Limerick (UL) next year were postponed until 2022.

Michael Kennedy believes this is the correct decision with the Irish team unable to train together due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“This time of the year the team should be training together, preparing to compete. We are not able to train together at the moment because of lockdown.”

If the competition had gone ahead this summer, Michael believed some countries would suffer more due to not having adequate time to train.

“There would have always been that asterisk, well you know the teams wouldn’t have the same amount of time as they would normally have to prepare.”

Michael Kennedy (left) believes the right decision was made to postpone to Championships

He explained how there was relief that if the COVID-19 vaccines work it could allow supporters and people to come to the games in a safe environment.

“We could have run the event with really stringent COVID-19 protocols.

“With so much uncertainty around the virus pushing it out a further year, especially what is happening with the vaccine, it is going to bring a lot more certainty and give the teams and the players the right amount of time to prepare for a World Championships.”

“The whole point of hosting the event in UL is to showcase the sport of Lacrosse to people in Limerick and throughout Ireland.”

The Ireland Lacrosse CEO hopes these games will still take place in UL in 2022.

“I absolutely do not want to change the venue, I have the highest regard for UL and David Ward in particular, he has been fantastic to work with. I have absolutely no intention of having the games anywhere but Limerick.”

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