John White appeals to Limerick hurling fans to share experiences for upcoming book

Limerick Hurling

Relive some of Limerick hurling’s best moments from the last four years through author John White’s latest book

John White is undertaking the task of trying to capture the emotions of Limerick’s four-in-a-row winning team through the eyes of the fans. He has written many sports books ranging from Manchester United to Irish Rugby, but this time, he is seeking the public’s help.

“I got into writing in 1996 thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson who agreed to write the Foreword to my first book, The Official Manchester United Quiz Book.  And here I am 51 books later.  Most of my books are about sports but I have also written The RMS Titanic Miscellany and The Only Fools And Horses Quiz Book.

John’s Book ‘Rucks, Mauls and Dirty Balls’

“I enjoy writing, it is such a great feeling to get an idea into your head for a new book, then research it and write it, culminating in it being published.  My new book is about the Limerick GAA Senior Hurling team and their Drive For Five in 2024.  It would be great to hear stories from the fans,” White said.

The book will be published in the next few months and will include biographies of players as well as tributes to former Limerick hurling greats Willie Hough, Denis Grimes and Timmy Ryan.

John is looking for your help as Limerick hurling fans. His email is and he would be grateful if people could answer the following questions.

1.   Name.

2.   Age – optional.

3.   Where you live – just parish, town or city is needed.

4.   Club you support.

5.   First year you first saw Limerick play to include a brief description of the game and whether you watched the game live or on TV.

6.   Your current favourite player.

7.   Who you consider to be the Greatest Ever Limerick hurler.

8.   Any interesting fact or piece of trivia you wish to share about your club or the Limerick GAA Senior Hurling team regardless of the date when it occurred.

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