Limerick rugby club ditch the pitch for the people as they launch ‘be a good teammate’ campaign

UL Bohemian R.F.C. is appealing to everyone to ‘be a good teammate’ in the fight against COVID-19 by following health guidelines. 

The ‘Be a Good Teammate’ campaign aims to encourage local support by promoting public health guidelines such as social distancing, hand washing and proper mask-wearing etiquette in an effort to slow down the spread of the virus.

The ‘Be a Good Teammate’ campaign aims to encourage local support by promoting health guidelines. Photo via Edgar Pimenta/ UnSplash

Niamh Kavanagh of UL Bohemian R.F.C said: “We all want to get back to hugging our loved ones, playing sport, celebrating wins and socialising with friends and by being a good teammate we will get there but it will take us all to make the right choices and help each other along the way”.

“The Be a Good Teammate initiative is also about supporting each other – we want to be there to help our elderly community, support friends and family who may feel lonely and also help raise awareness of how important it is to look after your mental health.”

With the busy shopping period upon us, UL Bohemian R.F.C is also calling on shoppers to support local businesses through these hard times.

This year will be markedly different for shoppers with shops, supermarkets and every other location in the retail sector closed due to the lockdown measures. 

2020 has already been an “extremely difficult” year for the Irish retail sector with Covid-19 impacting revenues and leading to job losses and massive financial insecurities.

#beagoodteammate Photo via UL Bohemian Rugby Club

“People can get involved by supporting their local business and putting it out on social media. Take a picture of the Friday night takeaway with the hash tag beagoodteammate, reach out to a family member who may be feeling isolated or lonely…It might even be as small as getting the newspaper for your elderly neighbour. But doing all this while following the guidelines.”

For more information on how to #begoodteammate follow @ULBohs on Instagram or visit:

Video via UL Bohemian Rugby Team

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