‘Help for Ukraine’ campaign accepting donations for hospitals in Limerick city

A “Help for Ukraine” campaign has been set up by Limerick Twenty Thirty and the University of Limerick.

Polish native Anna Mazeika contacted Mayor of Limerick Daniel Butler after she set up the “Help for Ukraine” programme to get as many supplies as possible from Limerick to the people of the Ukraine.

Ms. Mazeika has lived in Limerick for 17 years and is a representative of Pokoleine.

Ms. Mazeika said that her sister and herself decided to set up the campaign because they “wanted to do something to help” and she decided to contact the mayor “out of the blue” and he got on board immediately.

As an employee of Serosep Diagnostic Soulutions in Limerick, she was hoping that they would be able to aid her in providing medical supplies to drive a van to the Ukraine but now it has grown into something much bigger, and a truck will be sent over instead.

Mayor of Limerick Daniel Butler said that it was the easiest “yes” he’s ever had to a request in his term of mayor, and he added:

“We’re all outraged, saddened and shocked by what we are seeing unfold here in Europe in 2022.

“At the same time, we are marvelling at the incredible bravery of the people of Ukraine and the support from the likes of Poland, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.”

Enlisting the help of Limerick Twenty Thirty and the University of Limerick, what started as a kind idea has grown into a massive effort from Limerick city and county in aiding the people of the Ukraine.

CEO of Limerick Twenty Thirty David Conway said “I think we all feel a bit helpless in the circumstances but there’s always something you can do.

“For us that means making the Cleeves Riverside Quarter warehousing available for free but for the wider public, they now have a place to drop off medical supplies and other essential items to. I’ve no doubt that Limerick respond massively by way of support.”

University of Limerick President Kerstin May added: “Our sense of outrage can be channelled into action and I have no doubt the people of Limerick and region will respond to this support opportunity.”

If you want to get involved and donate any medical supplies, volunteers will be at the Cleeves Riverside Quarter Site on March 1 from 5pm-7pm.

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